Jaaga Lights


Goal & Vision

Jaaga (meaning 'space' in Kannada), based in Bangalore, India, seeks to nurture innovative endeavors by providing space, core infrastructure, and a diverse social environment to disparate creative communities. Born in August 2009 from a desire to bring the arts and technology communities closer together, Jaaga explores new ways of using pallet-rack shelving to create a modular and mobile community space in a dense urban landscape to foster innovation. More...

Like any complex organism Jaaga is made up of different interacting systems which handle different aspects of life. Light, which occupies most of our consciousness, is the next sense Jaaga needs to bring to life.

We invite a collaboration with a German Designer/Engineer/Artist with the creative vision and technical skills to use LEDs and/or other luminescent materials to move light through our space. We would like the resulting system to be functional for people working here, dynamic and responsive to various applications - much like the structure itself. Given that Jaaga is not just a community space for artistic and activist events, but also one that hosts co-working for various creatively inclined people, the light system would have to meet artistic, conceptual and functional criteria. Visit our gallery to see pictures of our space in use.

An example idea we would encourage: To place individually addressable LED clusters around the Jaaga structure connected by ethernet or wifi such that it can be centrally controlled. Working with IT pros, software that enabled light to move through the space much like a 3D Lava lamp, could be created.

Jaaga Lights is part of The Living Building Project on-going at Jaaga. This project aims at creating a habitat that is alive, conscious and aware. The Expert German Collaborator would drive the Jaaga Lights project. They will have access to work with our in-house Electronics Lab. Through this project we would like to push the envelope on lighting systems and human-lighting interaction.

Please visit The Living Building Project that is part of our Habitat Center for more details on the larger project Jaaga Lights belongs to.


We would like to collaborate with a lights expert for a period of 3 months (extendable). This is someone who can create a large-scale lighting installation that uses LED technology that can be reactive to the Jaaga environment and people. We will be able to provide meals, boarding, a stipend and studio space to our selected candidate. Go to our Expert Collaborator page to know more on how to apply.

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