Food Garden Calculator Fellowship


Looking for PHP / Facebook People

We recently announced the Jaaga Fellowship program where we work with select people on projects that we're super excited about. Our fellows get room, board and a small stipend (5k inr) for 3 months and we get enthusiastic people working with us.

A project we're actively l
Looking for fellows for is working with our first artist in residence Eve Sibley to build an application that uses plant and climate data to help people plan a garden appropriate to their location. We believe helping people grow their own food and connect with other organic gardeners and farms in their area will make people healthier and happier as well as reduce the burden on the planet caused by unsustainable mega agricultural practices.

This is an upgrade of which was built in ASP. We are moving it to PHP / MySql / Google Maps / WordPress. Fellows will work with fun people building and deploying a large web application which will help people live healthier happier lives. What could be better ?

We're looking for people already comfortable with PHP, databases and web development. If you're interested send us an email at ni.agaaj|ofni#ni.agaaj|ofni . Let us know who you are and why this excites you. Also include your CV and links to other projects on the web that you've worked on.

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