Jaaga Fellowship Program



This program is dedicated to cultivating a new generation of specialists conducting research, developing technology and effectively using digital resources to promote and direct a positive agenda in the world.

Jaaga invites bloggers, video producers, computer programmers, electronics hackers, online marketing enthusiasts, sound experts, graphic designers, new media artists and tech-minded free thinkers to apply for the Monsoon 2010 Fellowship Program.

This three month fellowship is designed to further the personal and professional development of individuals who have already reached a high level of skill in their craft, while pushing the state of the art. Fellows will interact with Experts in the field and will produce fast and furiously on topics that are of significant immediate value to the world. The resulting work will be part of the Review Showcase’ Jaaga hosts at the end of each quarter.

This is a FULL TIME commitment. Jaaga Fellows must be 100% dedicated to the work they do with us during the program. Maintaining another job or going to school during this time is not allowed.

Jaaga provides housing accommodation, regular meals, and a small stipend of 5000 (INR) / month to its Fellows.

##red|We are reviewing applications now for the the first batch of Jaaga Fellows. For this first batch we will be making offers to qualified candidates soon after receiving their applications with the goal of them starting as soon as possible. This batch will conclude October 2nd.

Apply Now to join the first batch of Jaaga Fellows by sending a cover letter and your CV to ni.agaaj|ofni#ni.agaaj|ofni##

Please look at the Fellowship Schedule given below to see when you can apply for a later batch.

Fellowship Description

Jaaga is pleased to offer three-month fellowships every quarter. Jaaga Fellows will work on our project-based research and production agenda and will use the Internet to promote this work to the world. Once selected each Fellow will collaborate with their mentor Expert to define a research project to work on during the fellowship. The five major components of this Fellowship are:

* Publication. Publishing regular short videos on the internet, blogging, and using Twitter and other social media platforms to share ones learning and experience with other people around the world is a core part of the program.
* Training. Fellows are expected to contribute 5 hours weekly towards training and mentoring students and interns interested in learning the fundamental skills involved in working with digital media.
* Screening. Fellows will each take responsibility for curating one evening event each month at Jaaga in which they present their choice of relevant film, documentary or media artwork.
* Guidance and mentoring. Jaaga Fellows work closely with the Program Director and Expert to define the projects and take feedback on the work they create during the program.
* Documentation. Apart from the on-going online publishing they do, Jaaga Fellows are expected to produce a larger video which sums up and exemplifies the work that they did during the program. They will present this work at a final Quarterly Review event to be held at the end of their program.


Prior to taking up residence in Bangalore, each new class of Fellows will participate in a two-day orientation. These two days will include meeting other Fellows, Jaaga crew and the Bangalore community of media activists and artists. Arranged by Jaaga, the orientation will immerse the Fellows in the program’s vision, allow them to meet with Bangalore’s media and academic thought leaders, and provide opportunities for discussions between the Fellows and the constituents of their forth-coming research.

Application Instructions

Applicants are required to submit the following:

* Online cover letter
* Curriculum vitae/resume
* Portfolio (where relevant)
* Referrals (limited to three only)

Please email the above materials to ni.agaaj|ofni#ni.agaaj|ofni. Should you have any questions about the application process, please email Santhosh Kumar (ni.agaaj|hsohtnas#ni.agaaj|hsohtnas). All application materials must be received no later than the deadline mentioned in the Fellowship Program Schedule.

Fellowship Eligibility

Indian citizenship, business or tourist visa status in India (by time of application deadline) is required. The applicant must have completed a Master's degree by the time the fellowship begins, or have measurable work experience/portfolios in the area they propose to work in. Prospective fellows should apply for the semester that they expect to participate in. Please look at the Quarterly Schedule to see when you need to apply.

Fellowship Benefits

For each fellow, regardless of his or her career trajectory, the program will be an extraordinary opportunity. During the program fellows will identify online communities of interest to them, and by contributing time and work to further the state of the art in these areas, will establish themselves as active productive members of those communities. By publishing consistently during the program, fellows will develop an online portfolio of work which will establish their reputations with future partners / employers / clients and the world of knowledge makers.

One thing will hold true for all alumni of the Jaaga Fellowship program: They will be young leaders, with life-long friendships, capable of making a significant difference in the world they inhabit and with the communities they are a part of. Their experience will shape their contributions as leaders and strengthen their impact in their various fields. Fellows will acquire or refine skills in:

* understanding local cultures and traditions
* analysis, research and writing
* written presentation of research in a format that is useful to knowledge dissemination
* production skills in video, audio and textual content
* defining insight producing lines of query
* team collaboration
* project management

Fellowship Schedule

NOTE: Please ensure that you select the quarterly time-table most relevant to you

WINTER (January, February, March)

November 25, 2010 Applications due at ni.agaaj|ofni#ni.agaaj|ofni
November 27, 2010 Applications reviewed and evaluated by Jaaga Fellowship Program Committee and Selection Committee
November 30, 2010 Announcement of selected Fellows
January 2 & 3, 2011 Fellowship Orientation Program at Jaaga and program commences
March 30, 2011 Fellowship Concludes

PRE-MONSOON (April, May, June)

February 23, 2011 Applications due at ni.agaaj|ofni#ni.agaaj|ofni
February 25, 2011 Applications reviewed and evaluated by Jaaga Fellowship Program Committee and Selection Committee
February 28, 2011 Announcement of selected Fellows
April 1 & 2, 2011 Fellowship Orientation Program at Jaaga and program commences
June 30, 2011 Fellowship Concludes

MONSOON (July, August, September)

May 25, 2011 Applications due at ni.agaaj|ofni#ni.agaaj|ofni
May 27, 2011 Applications reviewed and evaluated by Jaaga Fellowship Program Committee and Selection Committee
May 30, 2011 Announcement of selected Fellows
July 1 & 2, 2011 Fellowship Orientation Program at Jaaga and program commences
September 30, 2011 Fellowship Concludes

POST-MONSOON (October, November, December)

August 25, 2011 Applications due at ni.agaaj|ofni#ni.agaaj|ofni
August 27, 2011 Applications reviewed and evaluated by Jaaga Fellowship Program Committee and Selection Committee
August 30, 2011 Announcement of selected Fellows
October 1 & 2, 2011 Fellowship Orientation Program at Jaaga and program commences
December 30, 2011 Fellowship Concludes

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us at ni.agaaj|ofni#ni.agaaj|ofni

What kinds of research projects will I be working on?
Each Jaaga Fellowship program area has an evolving research agenda that addresses a range of critical and relevant issues. A sample of programmatic research topics drawn from Jaaga’s current work includes the following:

* Oral and Local Culture Documentation
* Cutting Edge Digital Media Art
* The Living Building Project and related ‘Green’ Concerns
* Augmented Reality Installations
* Enquiry into Nomadic Traditions

On the web-page it says that out of the three references, one must be from outside academia. Does that mean the other two must be from within academia?
At least one must be within academia, and at least one must be from outside of academia. Please limit the total number of references to three.

May I participate in the Jaaga Fellowship program for more that one quarter?
Yes, Fellows that show keen insight and ability towards a particular project would be selected to continue with us. They would re-apply for each proceeding quarter and would be judged primarily on their prior work at Jaaga.

May I seek additional employment during my time as a fellow at Jaaga?
Fellows are expected to work full-time for Jaaga and are not permitted to obtain additional employment during the fellowship program.

Is there a set deadline for publication?
Publishing is crucial to the Jaaga Fellowship program. Fellows are expected to video blog their (and/or their teams’ progress) on a bi-weekly basis. Additionally, at the end of each quarter Fellows will be expected to produce one document (video or text) that details out their work, process and findings. This document will be showcased in the Quarterly Review Event and will be peer reviewed.

May I enroll in graduate classes during my time as a fellow at Jaaga?
To ensure that selected fellows participate fully in their experience at Jaaaga, Fellows may not be enrolled in graduate classes during the fellowship period.

May I hold down a job during my time as a fellow at Jaaga?
Given that we expect your time to be fully focused on the work that you will conduct at Jaaga, holding down another job will difficult. Fellows may not hold another job during the fellowship period.

May I apply if my degree is anticipated during the fellowship period, but not yet awarded?
Yes. But you would be expected to complete you work at Jaaga and its corresponding documentation before exiting. You would also be required to mention that you might have to leave mid-term at the outset in your application.

Is this fellowship only for students who have a master's degree?
No it is not necessary that a Fellow have a Master’s degree. However it is expected that a Fellow can display a deep level of skill and interest in the area applied for. This would be measured on the quality of the portfolio, referrals and other supporting artifacts. Most important is that the candidate “makes the case” in the application of how he/she would benefit from the fellowship experience.

Will Jaaga provide housing for my stay in Bangalore?
Yes. Fellows will be housed in the Jaaga Dorms. They will also be on a meal plan that gives you breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jaaga Fellows are eligible for membership to the Jaaga’s Cafe and will get a 10% discount on their bills there.

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