Collaborators for space, design and community engagement
[In alphabetical order]

Anand Patel | Architect | Ahmedabad
Anand_patel.jpg Anand Patel is an architect based in Ahmedabad. He has worked on a variety of public and private projects over the last 12 years as an associate at HCP Design and Project Management Pvt. Ltd. He is a consultant to government and non-governmental organizations on design issues related to accessibility for Persons With Disabilities. Since 2008 he is in private practice. Anand is also a visiting critic at CEPT, NID, TU Berlin and speaks on architectural and urban issues in India.
BOSCH India | Engineering Company | Multinational
Bosch.jpg We have been working with the BOSCH India folks on making Jaaga safe. In specific - Fire Safety consultancy, and Electrical Safety consultancy, and Electrical Safety provisions. They were our partners for our first Corporate Event test drive of the space by hosting The Robert Bosch Art Grant Award Ceremony 2009 at Jaaga. BOSCH India website >>
Geeta Mehta | Architect | Toyko
geeta_mehta.jpg Geeta Mehta is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Studies at Temple University, Japan Campus, and a visiting professor at Columbia University in New York and the Delhi School of Planning and Architecture. She is also the founder/chair of Asia Initiatives, and the President of American Institute of Architects Japan Chapter. She received her Ph.D from University of Tokyo. She is a founding partner of URBZ. Urbanology Website >>
Matias Echanove | Architect | Geneva
Matias_Echanove.jpg Matias Echanove studied economics & government at the London School of Economics (LSE), urban planning at Columbia University in New York and urban information systems at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo. He has researched urban culture, participatory politics and information technology in Bogota, New York, Tokyo and Mumbai, and has organized workshops, studios, seminars and conferences in various cities. He is a founding partner of URBZ. Urbanology Website >>
Meeta Jain | Architect | Bangalore
Meeta_Jain.jpg Meeta Jain has been independently practicing as an architect & designer in Bangalore since 2002. She designed 1 Shanti Road Gallery. She is the founder of Mapbee, a collaborative interdisciplinary practice driven to envision and facilitate making of mobile structures and spaces addressing diverse needs and purposes, through use of relevant design and technology. Another of her recent initiatives is the formation of an exploratory space called PROTOSPACE within her own residential neighbourhood in North Bangalore. It is a shared coworking, collaborative studio and gallery space, for all creative practitioners. Mapbee Website >>
M. P. Ranjan | Furniture Designer | Ahmedabad
Ranjan.jpg Professor M P Ranjan is a designer and a member of the Faculty at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (NID), India. Prof. M P Ranjan has been teaching at NID since 1976 and over the years at NID and believes that design is a very powerful tool, which will influence change in as many as 230 sectors of the Indian economy if it is used at appropriate stages to address real needs in all these sectors. Ranjan's Website >>
Nikhil Narendra | Sound Artist | Bangalore
Nikhil_Narendra.jpg Part of the Jaaga documentary crew, Nikhil is a very talented sound artist neck-deep in the experimental electronica music scene in Bangalore. Part of CitySignals and The Manjunauts and several young electronica bands, Nikhil has been using his mixing talents for Jaaga films. Nikhil's Website>>
Narain Narendra | CEO, Vaspar | Bangalore
Narain.jpg Narain is a the inventive mind behind the Paper Honeycomb product. This product uses cottage industry in rural India and can be be produced without electricity. The product is clearly one that reduces wood wastage and provides for innovative uses in the low-cost housing and furniture areas. Narain has donated one wall at Jaaga that is entirely made by his product.
Prayas Abhinav | Urban Geographer & Experimental Economist | Bangalore
Prayas_Abhinav.jpg Prayas Abhinav presently has an interest in re-vitalizing and re-imagining urban spaces. Through his work he explores how public spaces can be utilised for cultural and civic uses. In 2007 he helped launch the Creative Commons India licenses. His focus of research in this areas has been identifying and understanding non-coercive business models which do not depend on restrictive intellectual property policies for their efficiency. He has taught workshops and electives at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) and Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT). He published a literary magazine, Crimson Feet from 2003-05. Prayas's Website
Rahul Srivastava | Architect | Mumbai
rahul_srivastav.jpg Rahul Srivastava studied Anthropology in Mumbai, Delhi and Cambridge (UK). He taught at Wilson College in Mumbai for seven years and has been invited as a speaker and fellow by many academic institutions around the world including Tata Institute of Social Sciences, New School University, Yale, Columbia, Nara University and the University of Tokyo. He was the first Director of PUKAR in Mumbai. He now works as a journalist and a consultant for architectural firms, government agencies, civic groups, art initiatives and academic centers. He is a founding partner of URBZ. Urbanology Website >>
Samta Kejriwal | Graphic Designer | Mumbai
Samta_Kejriwal.jpg Samta Kejriwal is a graphic designer. Hulahoop Design a product of Samta Kejriwal’s extensive creative experience and global range, is a Mumbai-based design studio, She believes in the complete circle of clear, precise and powerful communication for all multi-platform media, emphasizing on adaptable design and engaging messaging. Samta designed the Jaaga logo. Hulahoop Design Website >>
Samuha | Artist Initiative & Collective
Samuha.jpg Samuha is a collective of art practitioners based in Bangalore, India. The project involves artists of various disciplines including painting, sculpture, new media arts and performance arts. Together we will facilitate an art space that encourages contemporary artists to showcase their work and interact with the citys' residents. Artists of this collective would use this space to exhibit their own work as well as collaborate and curate works of art. Their search for space inspired Jaaga to find a solution. Samuha's Website >>
Wahid Seraj | Architect
Wahid.jpg Wahid Seraj studied architecture at The Cooper Union for Advancement of Science and Art, New York. His thesis project investigated alternative development strategies for Koliwada-Dharavi and architectural methodologies to facilitate community participation. He was an architect-consultant for Urban Typhoon Koliwada. He is interested in arts and vernacular crafts, curatorial work, architectural design, multi-disciplinary collaboration and community organization. He is currently a field-operator and architect for URBZ in Mumbai. Urbanology Website >>
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